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With 2008 bond projects 71% completed, all attention is focused on the final work yet to be done on the remaining 26 projects. Of those, 11 are currently under construction, 10 are in design, and 5 remain on pause and study (Caldwell, Robinson, Little, Sowers and the tech ed high school program). The Wichita Board of Education is expected to discuss those final five projects in spring 2014, and their decisions will be posted on this Web site as soon as they are available.

One of the major highlights of the $370 million bond issue passed in 2008 was the promise that when completed, every attendance center would have a FEMA storm shelter to protect students and staff in the event of severe weather. As of Jan. 1, 2014, 82% of all current school sites have completed storm shelters. In addition, two middle schools (Marshall and Mead) and one high school (West) are scheduled to have safe room construction completed this spring. For more information on completed safe room projects, click here.

Additional information on bond issue projects, finances and school-specific improvements can be found below.

+ Julie Hedrick, Division Director of Facilities
+ Ken Arnold, Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Bond Plan Manager
+ Susan Arensman, Media Specialist
+ Wendy Johnson, Marketing and Communications Division Director
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What's New!
Chester I. Lewis Academic Learning Center will receive storm shelter
Construction to start on Hamilton's new cafeteria
Construction to start on Buckner's drama classroom
BOE votes to take remaining bond projects off pause
OK Elementary bond project approved to begin
Black, Horace Mann and Jardine to start bond projects

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